Gedicht: Note


If we become separated from each other
this evening try to remember the last time
you saw me and go back and wait for me there.
I promise I won’t be very long,
though I am haunted by the feeling
that I might keep missing you,
with the noise of the city growing too
loud and the day burning out so quickly.
But let’s just say it’s as good a plan as any.
Just once let’s imagine a word for the memory
that lives beyond the body, that circles
and sets all things alight. For I have
singled you out from the whole world,
and I would – even as this darkness
is falling, even when the night comes
where there are no more words, and the day
comes when there is no more light.

Leanne O’Sullivan
A Quarter of an Hour,
Bloodaxe Books, 2018

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